27 Cherry Tomato Recipes To Use Up A Big Harvest

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Last Updated: July 31, 2023

Cherry tomatoes are my favorite type of tomatoes to grow in the garden. They are delicious enough to eat straight, but can also be used to cook a variety of meals and appetizers.

They’re also super productive in the garden. So, in this article, I’ll share 27 amazing cherry tomato recipes to use up your harvest. Let’s get into the recipes!

I hope you found the perfect cherry tomato recipe to use up your latest harvest! I love cherry tomatoes for their sweet flavor and ease of use in the kitchen. Enjoy!

Cherry tomato trusses from Super Sweet 100


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  1. I enjoy my Cherry Tomatoes even simpler than any of these. I cut them all in half – if they are plum tomatoes, I quarter them. I mix them with a generous amount of Italian dressing.


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