The Best Places To Buy Tomato Seeds Online

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Last Updated: January 22, 2024

Are you looking to buy tomato seeds online? There are countless seed sellers offering tomato seeds and other garden crops. However, Id like to share some of my favorite sites to find both specialty and hybrid tomato varieties to plant.

I love to grow unique and rare tomato varieties, but I also like to have reliable, disease resistant hybrid plants in my garden. So, with this in mind, here are some ideas of where to buy tomato seeds online.

Tomato Seeds
Tomato seed packets.

Rare Seeds

If you haven’t heard of Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds, then you need to check them out. They only carry heirloom varieties, many of which have a rich backstory.

Their tomato seed selection is impressive, with well over 100 varieties to choose from. They have striped cherry tomatoes, beefsteaks, globes, and everything in between.

Tip: If you’re looking to save your own tomato seeds to grow again, be sure to grow heirloom varieties instead of hybrids.

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Botanical Interests

Tomato seed sites botanical interests

In my experience, this seed seller has been very reliable. They also add varieties often, keeping me coming back to see what’s new.

One of my favorite varieties they offer is the Indigo Rose cherry tomato. This purple vine variety is packed with anthocyanin, giving its fruits a deep purple color.

I also find their seed packets to be some of the most beautiful (and helpful) out there. With the hand drawn pictures of each variety, and the useful seed sowing info, your seed collection will start to look more like a work of art.

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Totally Tomatoes

Tomato seed sites totally tomatoes

Totally Tomatoes has a truly huge selection of both heirloom and hybrid tomato seeds. They also sell tomato seedlings (plants), so you can skip germination if you’d like.

I particularly like how this site has useful categories, such as late blight resistant tomato seeds. They also break down seeds by size, color, heirloom, and more. They even have a section for AAS winning varieties such as the Red Torch tomato!

Despite their name, Totally Tomatoes also sells pepper seeds, and a few other vegetables. So, while you’re getting your tomato seeds, be sure to check out some of the other unique plants available.

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Seed Savers

Seed Savers has a mission of protecting and sharing heirloom seed varieties. Many of the cultivars they offer have decades or even centuries of history.

If you’re looking for the most delicious tomatoes to grow, browse Seed Savers’ huge selection of seeds. They have heirlooms from countless different countries, offering a huge variety of flavors, sizes, colors, and growth patterns.

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Fruition Seeds

Tomato seed sites Fruition Seeds

One of the only places to find the amazing “Brandywise” tomato variety, Fruition Seeds has a great collection of tomato seeds. Their selection is not huge, but the variety is amazing.

You’ll find striped varieties, purple types, big, small, hybrid, and heirloom. The descriptions of each variety are also very helpful, as well as the buyer reviews.

One variety available here is the Tie-Dye Dwarf tomato. This plant grows just 3′ tall, but produces large, purple striped tomatoes that taste great.

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Tomato Fest

The self-proclaimed “tomato lover’s paradise” is indeed home to many, many tomato seed varieties for sale. If you want to browse a truly massive selection, this is a good place to start.

One specially they focus on are dwarf varieties, which are great plants to grow in a limited garden space. One such variety is the TastyWine tomato, growing just 3′ tall and producing large, pink beefsteak fruits.

They also carry rare and unique cultivars that are discontinued after a certain amount of time. If you like to grow more experimental tomatoes, this may be just what you’re looking for.

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High Mowing Seed

High Mowing Seed is a great option if you want to start a farm. Seriously, they have a huge selection of vegetables, flowers, herbs, you name it.

Their tomato selection is big on its own, ranging from F1 hybrids to heirloom classics, and more. One gorgeous variety they sell is the Pink Boar tomato, with its unique size and color.

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Johnny’s Selected Seeds

With over 100 tomato varieties available, Johnny’s Seeds is a goldmine of options. This site is particularly useful if you want to plant F1 hybrid varieties.

Many gardeners prefer to grow heirloom seeds, but having one or two hybrids can be useful. This is because tomatoes are prone to disease, and many hybrids are bred to resist diseases and produce a more reliable crop.

However, hybrids are typically more expensive, so be ready for potentially higher prices. In my experience, the seeds have grown true-to-type every time, and the labeling is very professional.

Each tomato variety is labeled with which diseases it can resist. So, find out what diseases and viruses are prevalent in your area, and find a cultivar that can handle it!

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Forgotten Heirlooms

Looking for something quirky and unique? Forgotten Heirlooms is a small sort of mom-and-pop shop (but on the internet). However, that doesn’t mean the selection is small!

From micro-dwarf tomatoes, to cherry and grape types, to big slicers, they have it all. Support a small business, and grow some amazing tomato (and pepper) plants at the same time!

Check out Forgotten Heirlooms »

While there are many, many other options for where to buy tomato seeds, these are some that I personally recommend. If you have any other tomato seed sources you love, please share them below!

Cherry tomato trusses from Super Sweet 100


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  1. The last tomato seeds that I bought came from The Rusted Garden and MIgardner. I’ve purchased other seeds from these two guys and have been happy with the results.

  2. I really like Uprising Seeds. I consider them to be Fruition-adjacent. There isn’t a huge selection, but they have great variety and specialize in short season tomatoes. They are based in the PNW, so they know what grows in a chiller, shorter season climate.

  3. I almost forgot this one — Happy Cat Farms. A small family-run site with a really interesting selection. They collect peach tomatoes. My impression is that the choices are all about flavor, which I appreciate. The packaging is really cool, too. Beautiful hand drawn depictions.

  4. Back in the mid 50’s my Aunt &
    Uncle always grew large double pink tomatoes in their N.E. Missouri garden, that they called Ponderosa Pink .
    Are these still available ?

  5. I am trying to find Cordova tomato seeds. I’ve grown them for years and my seed is old so decided to replace it. NO ONE has any. Either they don’t carry them at all or they are out of stock. Seems like every Cordova tomato seed in the world has suddenly disappeared!

  6. I’d like to buy seeds for yellow cherry tomatoes from a company that is near where I live, which is Seattle, WA. Any suggestions?



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